Chance for Change: Empowerment & Restoration” (C4C) aims to help root out gender-based violence among youth and help all those working in youth settings to identify and prevent this phenomenon. It uses the tools of restorative justice and media education to empower youth workers across Europe to combat and prevent gender-based discrimination.

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1. Preventing gender-based violence in youth settings through restorative justice and media education
2. Train the trainer: media education based on GBV prevention.
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Project Objectives

In our modern European societies, gender-based violence (GBV) continues to be a widespread phenomenon impacting on young people's lives regardless of their religion, ethnicity, socio-economic status or level of education. There is also evidence to suggest that youth workers need more capacity to deal with this persistent phenomenon, putting emphasis on supporting marginalised groups of girls and young women as they tend to be more exposed to GBV.


Increasing young people's awareness of their rights and responsibilities within the scope of GBV discrimination, exclusio, abuse and other negative forms

Course Development

Developing and piloting 2 accredited courses on restorative justice and GBV as well as a GBV Youth Workers Competence Framework


Empowering young people to speak out and to get involved in this and other projects about GBV through volunteering and social actions and events

European Dimension

Maintaining and building new strong relationships and partnerships with EU oriented organisations. Youth Workers gaining new skills and knowledge so they can successfully share the objectives and outcomes.