Lifelong Learning Centre level 2 (LLC) “Epimorfotiki Kilkis single member llc” (Epimorfotiki) was founded in 1995 in Kilkis (North Greece) with the purpose to organise and deliver modern Vocational Training and Lifelong Learning Programmes (LLP), as well as advanced Consultative & Supportive Services to Local Authorities, Civil Society Bodies, Education Institutions, etc., including active involvement in EU programmes and Initiatives.

GIDE was established in 1995 and has offices in London, Nantes and Paris. Gide has programmed and hosted online studies since 1999. The GIDE’s team is composed of 30 persons, which includes experts in web technologies, research methods, data processing and statistics.

ASAD is a type A (Law 381/91) social cooperative set up in 1977. The cooperative offers social health care and educational services. The vision of ASAD is aimed at pursue general community interest, promoting human and social integration of citizens through the management of healthcare, social and educational services.

One Terrene International, in short OTI, is part of an international network of organisations involved in adult education and youth work in a variety of fields in Europe. The organisation was born in 2009 in London, UK and in 2013 in Cyprus, now its network has spread out to more than 14 countries including but not limited to Cyprus, Italy, Hungary, Romania and other OTI locals in EU and non-EU countries.

UHU is a young, public university, striving for excellence and fully implicated in the academic and professional future of its more than 12,000 students. The university gained its independence from Seville University in 1993 by popular demand of the people of Huelva and since then it has become a respected and active body in the local community with its 9 faculties (Business, Experimental Science, Law, Humanities, Education, Labour Science, Schools of Nursing, Social Work and Engineering).

Restorative Justice for All (RJ4All) is an international Institute with a mission to advance community cohesion and redistribute power within society at the local, national and international levels. We do this by using the values and practices of restorative justice including: power sharing, fairness, equality, dignity and respect. RJ4All is the leading Europe-wide restorative justice network with members from over 40 countries.