GIDE was established in 1995 and has offices in London, Nantes and Paris. Gide has programmed and hosted online studies since 1999. The GIDE’s team is composed of 30 persons, which includes experts in web technologies, research methods, data processing and statistics.

The company is specialized in qualitative and quantitative methods, offering a full range of services and solutions associated with collecting, processing and presenting data, typically using software developed ah hoc. GIDE is a member of MRS and ESOMAR («Market Research Society»). The peculiar feature of GIDE in management and transformation of data is related to the capacity to design customized solutions which maintain great accessibility but can also manage extremely complex solutions. For instance, the systems developed on behalf of the British Ministry of Education are capable to generate reports and ad hoc tables from 25milions examinations records within few seconds. GIDE has developed IBM SPSS Data Collection (previously called « Dimensions ») which is an integrated suite of products for collecting, analysing and reporting research data. GIDE has developed its own powerful language for creating highly customized reports and a versatile tool for online cross tabulations. GIDE possesses many years of experience in producing high volume cross-tab reports with Quantum. The team of statisticians works with SPSS®, SAS® and R, and is expert with methodologies applicable to survey data including multivariate and trade-off analyses.

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