One Terrene International, in short OTI, is part of an international network of organisations involved in adult education and youth work in a variety of fields in Europe. The organisation was born in 2009 in London, UK and in 2013 in Cyprus, now its network has spread out to more than 14 countries including but not limited to Cyprus, Italy, Hungary, Romania and other OTI locals in EU and non-EU countries.

The organisation has strong partnerships with Easter European Partnership countries and EUROMED countries as well. The organisation was very active in Youth in Action from 2009 and is very active in Erasmus+ Projects since its start in 2014 for all Key Actions youth and adult education.

The organisation also selects schools and informal groups that consist of students and teachers from schools as partners in order to influence the school education format, and encourage teaching methods to involve Non-formal learning methodologies in their curriculum. The organisation has also been very active in Europe For Citizens programmes and brotherhood binding with municipalities and organisations with Italy, France, Bulgaria, Spain, Latvia, Estonia, Greece, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary and Cyprus. Working actively with youth, and those who work with youth, we are very active in dealing with key issues in our communities. We work with parents, teachers and students to focus on activities will promote inclusion and combat all forms of discrimination and inequality. We have a variety of activities which educate and assist young people and parents/teacher alike regarding gender-based violence and methods to identify, prevent and report any such actions. Working closely with key players we identify the problems and help find solutions while educating and training youth workers, teachers, parents to overcome these problems and prevent them. Our goal is always to protect youth of all genders and to promote inclusion and equality.

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