UHU is a young, public university, striving for excellence and fully implicated in the academic and professional future of its more than 12,000 students. The university gained its independence from Seville University in 1993 by popular demand of the people of Huelva and since then it has become a respected and active body in the local community with its 9 faculties (Business, Experimental Science, Law, Humanities, Education, Labour Science, Schools of Nursing, Social Work and Engineering).

Students can choose from a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees with an increasing number of subjects taught in English. The University of Huelva is committed to quality with all its new degrees undergoing quality control. Notably, UHU currently offers 29 master's degrees and 10 doctoral programs, covering all areas of expertise: Humanities, Social Sciences, Education, Science and Technology and Health Sciences. Doctoral studies have their own structure, which includes an office and a steering committee, depending on the Vice Rector for Internationalisation. Postgraduate studies (Master's and PhD) and International Relations and Cooperation reside in the same Vice President, reflecting the strategy of the University. Doctoral studies are also logically embedded in the structures of research and technology transfer. The research lines of the different doctoral programmes taught in the UHU are linked to groups and research projects funded under competitive calls. To run these projects, UHU has got an updated scientific infrastructure incorporating the best available technology and skilled human resources. With regards to doctoral studies the, UHU currently has 550 enrolled students in its doctoral programs (2016-17), with almost 28.18% international students. Students can complete their thesis through academic joint supervision with international universities, thus distinctively promoting an international doctorate. With regards to Erasmus+ KA107 projects, we have agreements with 19 institutions in 11 countries. We are also coordinating a KA203 project and participating in various other project. We are also a partner in an Erasmus Mundus.

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